Welcome to the Monday Music Discovery playlist, where I feature a mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. In this Monday Music Discovery, there’s new music by Special Thumbs, E-Newt, Peyton Benge, and Lost Cosmos. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, connect here.

Rise by Special Thumbs

Artist Statement: The aesthetic for the “Rise” music video is inspired by artist Peter Max. The story begins on a Wednesday afternoon between the years 1979-1984. One cannot be too certain. The hero of the story (Woman) lives to skate. She indulges in what may be psychoactive candy as her headphones guide her through her favorite pastime. Ogling eyes soon become locked on the Woman as she flawlessly skates through her magnificent routine. Are they real or simply a hallucination? A battle between illusion and reality ensues and victory belongs to the Woman. Love always trumps lust.

Steve Carell by Peyton Benge

Artist Statement: Flex culture has taken over hip-hop. This is my parodic rebuke of it.

Materialism can be the root of some amazing, creative bars. But the repercussions for such lyricism are the absence of substance and the overlying message of a song getting swept under the rug.

Personally, I can’t stand that shit. So how do I confront it? By making a song doing the exact same shit. You can find the lyrics and their meanings here.

Dark Whisper by Lost Cosmos

Artist Statement: “Dark Whisper” from the brand new video EP Keep The Engine Running by Pauls Valley, OK instrumental space-rock band Lost Cosmos. The EP features 5 musical pieces and visuals courtesy of NASA and Space X explorations, which you can watch here.

Unknown by E-Newt

Artist Statement: I’m E -Newt and I’m here to showcase an exciting side to a new age of hip hop that’s lost it’s roots for real rhymes. I’m just a quality poet a from Oklahoma City a place many never consider to look usually when it comes to entertainment in general I’m here to try to break the barrier with creative art coming from the core.

If you’re interested in having your music video or new single featured in the Monday Music Discovery series, connect here.

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