Eastside Oklahoma City MC, Thomas Who? speaks to me in this Creator Conversation about his second album, SPLASH.

How do you describe yourself and your music?

Thomas Who - Provided Photo

I’m a fat kid from the Eastside of Oklahoma City. I’m a father, I’m a husband, I am God fearing, and I am one if the dopest MC’s to ever MC. My music is a combination of joy, pain, rage, compassion, empathy, honesty, and pure expression on fire instrumentals. It’s dispensary music. It’s a wave. It’s a vibe.

What pushed you to share your music with the world?

It was either express myself this way, or be another stereotypical, angry black man, with daddy issues, societal issues, and misplaced anger. In being transparent with myself, I’m aware of my flaws, music allows me to share them in a constructive way, rather than keeping them bottled up and potentially taking it out on people who don’t necessarily deserve it. I also believe that sharing of experiences help bring people together. Lastly, I have something to say, and I’m happy to be heard. When I first saw the power of language and the reaction you could receive by using it well, I was hooked and have been pursuing it ever since.

Use only seven words to describe your album, SPLASH? 

My ten thousand hours coming to fruition.

What was the greatest challenge you had when making the album?

Getting out of my own way and understanding that good enough is adequate when you are creating from a genuine place. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, however I am far from perfect, so I had to learn to trust my instincts and opinions of my music and leave it to the world to decide what they recieved from it.

You have several collaborations in SPLASH. What was the process like working with these other artists and what did you learn from each other?

A good homey of mine, Sid Carter told me “relationships are the new currency” and developing the relationships with the gentleman on this tape, proved to be valuable beyond measure.

These collaborations were incredible for me. The gentleman that walked with me on this journey are phenomenal men and better MC’s. It was organic because I belive that real recognizes real and skill recognizes skill. These are incredibly talented wordsmiths. There is always an underlying competitiveness that comes with featuring with others artists, however I felt as though Jordan, Jacobi, Beety, Deezy, Recon, Ph!l, and Wesley wanted to help me make the dopest product possible. A good homey of mine, Sid Carter told me “relationships are the new currency” and developing the relationshion with the gentleman on this tape, proved to be valuable beyond mesaure. They pushed me to go harder and I am grateful to each one of them.

What hybrid cures have you found or looking for still?

So firstly, Hybrid Cures is actually a place owned by one of my oldest friends, (since 6 years old friend) Christian Williamson. When I moved back to OKC about a year ago, he was one of the first people I linked with and he told me he opened a dispensary. When I went to visit it, it was a place where you leave your problems at the door, and even if you so happen to bring them in, the place was welcoming enough to allow you work them out. It’s how I imagine all of those white folks felt about the bar in Cheers. That was the original motivation in coming up with the concept for the record.

My symbolic Hybrid Cures are the sound of my children laughing, my wife’s smile, the security the people I love have generating from them when they are around me. My Hybrid Cures is the first time my words and instrumentation dance in perfect harmony. I know that all may sound artsy fartsy, but I’ve survived enough, tough guy shit to be able to be artsy fartsy

What do you want listeners to take away after listening to the album? 

I want people to say, he truly created. From nothing there was something and that something was beautiful. I hope it inspires, incites, provikes thought, and encourages. 

What’s something positive you try to keep in mind or do when negativity surrounds you?

That bar for bar, I’m pretty unfuckwitable. That my music has a soul, a heartbeat, and an essence that permeates through any speaker it meets. I was born with this gift of language and gifts are not meant to be hoarded but rather shared unapologetically. 

What are some of the best places to make a splash in Oklahoma?

Anywhere you choose. I try to make a Splash in every room I enter, and in every interaction I encounter. 

What are some of your favorite places to perform or listen to live music in Oklahoma?

Hubbly Bubbly Hookah Lounge, 51st Speakeasy, Ice Event Center and Saints Pub are dope spots. I’m hoping to find more though.

What else would you like people to know about yourself and your music?

I am a melting pot. I am the black boy raised in an impoverished environment without an adequate father figure. I have done things that I regret to my own community by way of selling drugs, fighting, and shooting at people who look like me. I have done everything possible in my latter years to atone for my former by way of being as compassionate and empathetic to the human experience as possible. I try to treat everyone with the utmost respect, but please don’t ever confuse my kindness for weakness, as quickly as I will give you a hand, I will give you these hands. I love God with all of my heart and am grateful that he’s understands what he created in me. He loves me entirely. He stood in the gap for my physical father. Though judgment is his and his alone he has extended grace that I am incapable of expressing and am certainly undeserving of. I carry him everywhere, from my house, to every venue, to my bottle, to my blunt, he is with me and I am humbled by his presence. I love my family more than I love myself. If they are ever threatened I’m willing to die for them, I hope whomever feels the need to threaten them has that same conviction. I am perfectly imperfect and finally okay with thag.

Musically, I promise any fans I may have that I will continue to perfect my craft obsessively. I will always make sure it jams. I will always make sure there is life affiliated with it. I am what I write and it is me. When you listen to my music I am opening my heart and am comfortable with whatever you decide to do with it.

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