In this second installment of creative burgers in Oklahoma, Justin Coleman and Undrell Maholmes go on a taste adventure to S&B’s Burger Joint at their original location in Oklahoma City, then travel to Yukon for the Eggcellent Burger at The Miller Grill, make a quick stop for ice cream at Vacca Territory along Route 66, and end back to OKC for The Burger at The Museum Cafe at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

S&B's Burger Joint with Ashley Tennery and Shannon Roper - photo by Dennis Spielman

S&B’s Burger Joint has multiple locations throughout Oklahoma. Visit their website at to find one near you.

Jason McCormack at The Miller Grill - photo by Dennis Spielman

The Miller Grill is located at 326 Elm Avenue in Yukon, near Route 66.

Near The Miller Grill in Yukon is Vacca Territory Creamery & Coffeehouse at 10 West Main Street. It’s a shopping center with some other unique local shops you may be interested in checking out.

Ryan Lawson with The Burger at the Museum Cafe - photo by Dennis Spielman

The Museum Cafe is on the east side of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art at 415 Couch Drive in Oklahoma City. It’s near an Embark Streetcar stop and a Spokies bike station.

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