Art & Victory is a free monthly panel discussion series designed for creative entrepreneurs. Ran by The Show Starts Now Studios in collaboration with the Norman Arts CouncilResonator, and OkSessions, the topic for October’s panel was Producing a Podcast. The panelists talked about what they use to record their stories, getting good audio, how to schedule interviews, promoting your show, and what it takes to do a podcast series. 

Nabeel Jamal from OKC Foodcast was the guest host for this panel.


Dennis Spielman is a filmmaker, writer, and producer of the docudrama podcast, Tales Unveiled. Tales Unveiled follows two fictional characters as they interview real people about ghost stories and urban legends in Oklahoma. 

Hosted by Brian Gililland and Kelly Lawson, the Okie Show Show is a podcast that takes you behind the scenes of the Heartland’s entertainment industry. Comedy, filmmaking, music, everything. Their goal is to create a community that brings all aspects of the entertainment world together so that we can work together and make awesome stuff. 

Localites OKC is a weekly podcast hosted by Kayla Coffey and Anna Farha discussing local events & happenings. Brought to you every Thursday via The Spy FM. 

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Dennis Spielman

I'm Dennis Spielman, the Producer of Uncovering Oklahoma, which I started in 2009 as a way to show that Oklahoma isn't boring. As for about myself, I’m a creative person that writes imaginative stories. I also run The Show Starts Now Studios, which is my umbrella organization for all of my shows I create. Come join me on Patreon as I create content that adds adventure and wonder to peoples' lives. More about my stories and projects are at