FRED - photo by Dennis Spielman

At the November session for the Norman chapter of 1 Million Cups, I listened to a presentation about the delivery box, FRED. With the holidays coming up, porch pirates being an issue, and this is a Made in Oklahoma product, I thought I would interview them for a Creator Conversation.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your role at Bartley Industries.

My name is Josh Gorton and I am the Creative Branding Coordinator for Bartley Industries, Inc.  I do everything creative here– marketing, advertising, social media, videos… you name it.  My main job these days is sharing FRED with the world.

What is FRED exactly and how does it work?

FRED is a secure delivery box for ALL kinds of deliveries.  Basically, you set a temporary code for your delivery driver, type the code in your delivery instructions or notes part of any online checkout, your delivery driver types the temporary code into your FRED box and just like that– your delivery is safe and secure.  You can program up to 25 temporary FRED codes, which will last as long as you want.  Plus, you’ll always have your FRED master code.  The whole process is simple and easy.  

How did the idea for FRED come about?

Donna Clark, President of Bartley Industries, Inc. and FRED LLC, came up with the idea a couple of years ago after a porch pirate stole her package.  She decided there had to be a way to secure ALL types of deliveries.  For years and years, Donna would organize her grocery list as FRED.  Frozen, Refrigerated, Electronic, and Drygoods.  After a year of development, we figured out a way to protect all four of those categories.

What makes FRED different from other protection boxes? 

here are many qualities that distinguish FRED from the competition, but the two factors that really set FRED apart are premium insulation and the quality material of our box.  Every FRED comes with premium insulation comparable to a Yeti cooler.  Thus, all frozen and refrigerated, food and grocery deliveries will be kept not only safe but fresh as well.  We even did a test back in July where we put a bag of ice in FRED and it lasted for over 48 hours in over 100-degree temperatures.  That’s pretty serious insulation, right?  Unlike other delivery boxes, FRED can store food and grocery deliveries, as well as prescription medicines, which is a quickly growing industry right now.  The other component that distinguishes us is the material FRED is made of.  We use a special PVC composite material called Azek.  Azek is like wood, but unlike wood, Azek won’t rot, mold, splinter, fade, or mildew and it even comes with a limited lifetime warranty of 25 years.  It is built to be outdoors and it will last a lifetime.  No other delivery box can offer those features.

We also offer additional attachments such as a solar panel to replace the AA batteries required to power the digital keypad.  We also offer an optional Blink camera, which allows you to receive live video receipts through an app on your mobile device any time your FRED is opened.  Basically, you can closely monitor not only video but the temperature of your FRED as well 24/7.  Although we can ship a FRED anywhere in the US, for Oklahoma residents within a 50 mile radius of the OKC metro area, we offer White Glove Delivery and Installation service where we will deliver the FRED to you your home or business and anchor your FRED to your porch or to a concrete pad we will pour ourselves anywhere you like.  We will put your FRED anywhere you want; in front of your gate, by your mailbox, by your driveway– anywhere we can pour the concrete pad.  That way, your FRED is completely secure as are your deliveries.  

What was the best part about having your business in Oklahoma?

We love having our business in Oklahoma because it is a great feeling to produce such a revolutionary invention right here in our home state.  Just about all of the FRED team was born and raised in Oklahoma, so it means a lot to us.  We’re even partnered with the Made In Oklahoma commission so everyone knows FRED is a Made In Oklahoma product.

FRED - photo by Dennis Spielman

What was the greatest challenge you overcame to invent FRED?

he greatest challenge of inventing FRED was figuring out how to design one box that could solve ALL delivery problems.  We listed all of the delivery problems we know people encounter, and over time we figured out how to solve them.  FRED does not just solve the porch pirate problem. FRED protects your deliveries from all the elements: weather, animals, thieves and more for both homes and businesses.  When you buy a FRED box, you’re not just buying a delivery box.  You’re buying peace of mind for the rest of your life.  

Anything else you want to say or let people know?

Find more info on FRED at and follow us on social media @FREDdeliverybox.  

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