In this Creator Conversation, Beau Jennings talks about his new album, The Christmas Light, and the inspiration behind it.

How do you describe yourself and your music?

Sometimes this answer is easy for me and sometimes I don’t know. I’ve think of myself as a folk singer mostly, because that’s where I think I feel most comfortable sonically – quiet and slow music is what naturally comes out. But I love playing rock n’ roll too, and even the quiet acoustic music I like I’ve realized has its roots more in rock n’ roll song structures than true folk music. So maybe I’m a quiet rocker is what I’m trying to say.

Use only seven words to describe your album, The Christmas Light?

It’s a Christmas record, by Beau Jennings. 🙂

What inspired this album?

A few years ago I got some new recording equipment around the holidays and decided to record Christmas songs to test it out. I pretty much made a whole Christmas record but sat on it, it just wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be. But I’d play it for my kids to put them to bed at night – singing Silent Night on repeat makes them fall asleep instantly but that got tiring so it was nice to have a recorded version to loop. So even though I didn’t want to release that version of the record, I knew I wanted to a version of it. Earlier this year I lost my mom, and leading up to the holidays this year I just had this sense of needing to do something for myself to kind of acknowledge her absence. It’s kind of a record about how memories of holidays past can shape how you experience them today. I ended up not recording the record on the new equipment that started the idea all those years ago and instead recorded it to cassette tape on my 4-track recorder.

What are some of your favorite winter activities to do in Oklahoma?

I love hiking in the winter, there’s a lot of great trails near where I live at Lake Thunderbird in Norman or of course at the Wichita Mountains.

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