For the first Creator Conversation of the new year, I interviewed Jay Sheldon about his podcast, Miscellaneous Important Stuff, as he explores topics to help people grow.

In your own words, what is Miscellaneous Important Stuff about?

Miscellaneous Important Stuff is about everything. I tend to focus on conversations about creativity, mental health, and relationships, but no topic is off limits. My goal is to have interesting conversations about interesting things and hopefully grow as a person in the process. The title, Miscellaneous Important Stuff, is based on a box of items that I’ve kept for many years now. I store things in the box that don’t have a place but have significant meaning to me.

Who is the podcast intended for?

The podcast is intended for anyone who likes unedited conversations over a variety of topics. We’ve discussed everything from flat earth to polygamy to small business, and I’m always looking for new topics to introduce.

Why did you want to start the podcast?

I’ve worked in marketing and advertising for quite a few years, and I spend most of my time perfecting content for clients. I wanted a creative outlet where I didn’t feel the pressure of perfection. I wanted to have conversations with people and allow myself to get it wrong. A podcast made sense because I’ve always loved talking to people and hearing their stories.

What’s a good episode for first-time listeners to check out?

I think ‘Beatboxing and Fatherhood’ is a good example of the style of the show. I had a serious conversation with my friend Brandon about being a dad, but he also taught me the basics of beatboxing. I love trying to mix fun and serious conversation in the same 45 minutes.

What have been some challenges and lessons learned in the production of your podcast?

I think the biggest challenge has been trying to grow an audience while also keeping up with producing and editing weekly episodes. I’ve learned a lot over the last year, but it’s been a lot of fun.

Any behind-the-scenes stories you wish to share?

The studio where I record my podcast is also my one-bedroom apartment. I’ve spent most of my free time in the last 12 months converting the space into something that can function as a studio day to day. The bedroom is now the green room, and the living room is the main recording studio.

Tell us about your podcast’s theme song. Who made it and what’s the story behind it?

I found the guy that made the theme song on I gave him the premise of the show and a genre of music, and he created the song based off that information. Most of the lyrics came from a memory he had of a crate in a record store marked ‘miscellaneous to me’.

What do you hope people will take away after listening to your podcast?

I hope the podcast is a welcome break in someone’s stressful day and helps spark an interest in a topic that they may have never considered.

Anything else you want to say or let people know?

I’ve started filming the episodes and uploading them to YouTube. I’ve also just introduced a new weekly minisode to the podcast called ‘Would You Rather Wednesday’. If you enjoy the content, please consider subscribing at or on iTunes.

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