Happy New Year, Adventurers!

With 2019 officially over, I thought it would be fun to share how the series did throughout the year. Here were the top ten most viewed videos on both Facebook and YouTube. This list only includes videos that were made in 2019. Note that my YouTube count is based on views while Facebook is from minutes watched. I upload episodes directly to each platform for maximum reach.

Top 10 Made in 2019 Videos Watched via YouTube

  1. Oklahoma State Fair Food 2019 (2,881)
  2. Poe Bouyz House (2,636)
  3. Black-Owned BBQ Restaurants Vol. 1 (1,017)
  4. Press Waffle Co at The Collective (893)
  5. Dead People’s Stuff (816)
  6. Factory Obscura Mix Tape Phase 1 (589)
  7. The Musical Swings (499)
  8. Scissortail Park: A Brief First Look Tour (488)
  9. Creative Burgers Vol. 1 (380)
  10. Michael Murphy’s Dueling Piano Bar (334)

Top 10 Made in 2019 Videos Watched via Facebook

  1. Cornish Smokehouse (8.1k)
  2. Brielle’s Bistro (6.4k)
  3. Parlor OKC Sneak Peek Tour (4.3k)
  4. Oklahoma State Fair Food 2019 (3.4k)
  5. 3Sixty Restaurant & Bar (3k)
  6. Dystopia Rising (2.9k)
  7. Creative Burgers Vol 1 (2.6k)
  8. Magnolia Bistro (2.4k)
  9. Freezing Cow (2.4k)
  10. Creative Burgers Vol 2 (2.3k)

Uncovering Oklahoma is still growing! I ended the year with 15,946 likes via Facebook (was 13,130 at the start of the year), Twitter was 3,962 (3,549 last year), Instagram followers was 2,550 (1,426 last year), and YouTube subscribers was 669 (318 last year).

I released a feature documentary, Welcome to the Plaza Walls, which premiered at the Tower Theatre on April 15, the ten year anniversary of Uncovering Oklahoma. It was a wonderful treat! After some feedback at the screening, I made some changes and released it for free shortly after. It was the only feature documentary I made during the year, other than the Uncovering Oklahoma Adventures Vol. 1 compilation for Amazon Prime. My focus has been weekly episodes.

In 2019, I released 52 “episodes.” This number doesn’t include my artist statement minutes or some of my event coverage videos. It’s what I logged as an episode via my Final Cut Pro X library. Been a busy year!

With so much to uncover, I started releasing videos on Tuesdays in addition to my Thursday videos. The ones one Tuesday were more time-sensitive (i.e. event coverage and artist statements). I renamed the Tuesday Treats feature to Creator Conversations and moved it to Wednesdays.

My collaboration episodes with special guest hosts this year included Creative Burgers Vol 1 and 2, Black-Owned BBQ Restaurants, Oklahoma State Fair Food 2019, Zero-Proof Cocktails, The Collective, Streetcar Ghost Stories, Parlor OKC, and Downtown in December. All of the collaborations were a hit! I was inspired by how well the ones I did in 2018 that I had to do more in 2019 and I plan to be doing even more in 2020.

On the subject of 2020, I’m going to start releasing videos in 4K HDR! I’ve released videos in 1080p simply so I could get creative with my framing, but I want to flex my production skills. I recently got an HDR computer monitor and I’m in love with HDR. My Panasonic GH5 is capable of shooting 10-bit HDR, but I never really used it until recently. I know it’s going to be overkill as most people watch videos via their phones, but this move will be more about producing higher quality content and showing the beauty of the state.

I’m also planning on producing other content that I’ll share here on Uncovering Oklahoma, such as Oklahoma entrepreneur stories from Startup Grind OKC and the Oklahoma Venture Forum podcast. Plus expect new episodes of Tales Unveiled, Art & Victory, and Yes! Science! Maybe a political satire series?

I don’t have any plans to produce any feature-length documentaries, but I working on creating adventure guides. Similar to the date idea guides, but topic-focused.

In 2019, I didn’t do many stories outside the Oklahoma City area although I did feature Shawnee businesses for the first time. The majority of my audience lives in the metro. I’m planning to do episodes about Hochatown this spring and a Burgers of Route 66. I would love to do more videos about the further corners of the state, but that takes money. If you love what I’m doing with Uncovering Oklahoma, join me on Patreon for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, you can help create Oklahoma travel videos to inspire your next adventure.

Thank you for following me in 2019! Here’s to an awesome 2020!

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