Crafted and canned by COOP Ale Works, Will & Wiley is the first hard seltzer distributed by an Oklahoma craft brewery. The seltzer has four natural fruit flavors and will be available in select retailers throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Arkansas beginning March 2020.

“We’re the same local people that have been brewing COOP beer for more than ten years and we’re fortunate to have had such broad support. Now we’re building on that by making a low-calorie hard seltzer that our supporters and community are looking for,” said Maggie Sylke, brand marketing specialist at COOP. “This is the first seltzer lineup being distributed by an Oklahoma craft brewery and we’re excited to introduce it to our community and customers.”

Will & Wiley Preview Event at Tower Theatre - photo by Dennis Spielman

The hard seltzer comes in mixed flavor 12-packs and individual flavor six-packs. Two flavors will also be offered in 19.2 oz. single cans starting June 2020. With 100 calories, 2 grams of sugar and 5% alcohol by volume, this low-calorie beverage is a healthier alternative to traditional beer or mixed drinks. Will & Wiley comes in four great-tasting, natural flavors — cherry lime, grapefruit, mango guava, and pineapple.

The seltzer will be available for taste-testing at COOP’s taproom located at 4745 Council Heights Road in Oklahoma City prior to the full launch of the product. In addition, Will & Wiley will also be sold as a pure, unflavored seltzer to bars and restaurants, encouraging them to develop their own unique seltzer flavors.

Will & Wiley will be available year-round following its release in March 2020. For more information about COOP’s Will & Wiley hard seltzer, visit

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