In this first installment showcasing Oklahoma Pies, I visited five places in the Oklahoma City area. This episode hears from owners of chefs from Caeli’s Sweets, Eats & Bar, Heifers & Hens, Ingrid’s Kitchen, Pie Junkie, and Whole Latte Pie about the pies they offer.

Caeli's Sweets, Eats & Bar photo by Dennis Spielman

Visit Caeli’s Sweets, Eats & Bar at 726 West Sheridan Avenue in Oklahoma City’s Film Row District.

Pies at Heifers & Hens photo by Dennis Spielman

Visit Heifers & Hens at 2219 West Interstate 240 Service Road in Oklahoma City.

Ingrid's pies photo by Dennis Spielman

Visit Ingrid’s Kitchen at 3701 North Youngs Blvd for their restaurant or their bakery location at 6501 North May or online at

Pie Junkie photo by Dennis Spielman

Visit Pie Junkie 1711 NW 16th Street in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District.

Whole Latte Pie photo by Dennis Spielman

Find Whole Latte Pie on their website

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