Welcome to the Monday Music Discovery, a weekly mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. In today’s Monday Music Discovery, enjoy new music from KALO and Husbands, plus a Choose Your Own Interview with Klamz from Make Oklahoma Weirder. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, connect here.

No Shame by KALO

Artist Statement: KALO has released the much-anticipated single, “No Shame,” a guitar-driven rock song about embracing pain and fear and feeling no shame in life’s struggles.

Recorded at BlueHouse Media in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the song features Bat-Or Kalo on guitars and vocals, Mike Alexander on drums and Tony Tino on bass. It was engineered by Joel Wade, Michael Block and Brett Baldwin and mastered by Dave McNair.

“So many want to take the easy route in life,” songwriter Bat-Or Kalo said. “But the path of least resistance – whether that’s taking a pill, a drink or finding other ways to blur inconvenience with vice – never has the results we want.”

She said the fear of failure, of not being accepted and of rejection can not be dulled for long.

“It’s a matter of driving your way through, feeling the pain and fear, and continuing anyway,” she said. “Sometimes those trying experiences we have to go through shape us and make us better on the other side.”

The music video for the single shows Bat-Or Kalo in stark black and white, playing her guitar in front of stacks of amplifiers. The video was also filmed and edited at BlueHouse Media in Tulsa by Joel Wade.

Manhorse by Husbands

Director Statement: All animations were captured in-camera using card stock and transparency sheets. Scanimation, also known as barrier-grid animation, kinegrams, or picket fence animation is an optical illusion that originated in the 1890s. To make the base image for the scanimations several frames of video were combined into one interlaced image, which was then printed on card stock. A transparent bar mask was printed next, placed on top of the interlaced image, and moved back and forth to create the illusion of movement.

Choose Your Own Interview with Klamz

In Make Oklahoma Weirder’s Choose Your Own Interview, their triple pilot concludes with OKC rock & roll trio Klamz. Learn a bit about the making of the band’s new EP, Smoke, as well as a bevy of other music and bartender talk. These guys made for an incredibly fun interview, and it isn’t hard to see why they do so well together as a music project. Chemistry counts! 

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