With a light appearing at the end of the tunnel, I reached out to various bloggers, influencers, community leaders, creatives, etc. for a list Oklahoma based music they’ve been enjoying during this time. Today, May 1, as well as on June 5, and July 3 (the first Friday of each month), Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share for all sales on Bandcamp, from midnight to midnight PDT on each day. When applicable, I’ve linked to the musician on Bandcamp.

Currently, I have recommendations from six different people. I’ll update this article with more as I hear back from people. Enjoy some Oklahoma music!

From Selena Skorman:

Selena Skorman

I love love love each of the bands and artists listed below. They are fun, funky, ambient, and always giving back to the community. All of them have been involved with the Plaza District Festival, so I’ve been fortunate enough to see them live and see how magnetic they are in front of a crowd.

Selena Skorman is the Executive Director of the Plaza District in Oklahoma City. Her passions include promoting local businesses and artists through high-quality events that are free and open to the public. She’s helping to continue to raise funds to help out of work employees due to the effects of COVID-19 through the Plaza Support Fund.

From Seth Lewis:

Seth Lewis

I like music that you can just kick back and have on in the background and then you just go about your day.  The kind where you’ll nod your head or tap your foot every once in a while, to a good beat, a great lyric, or the artist’s voice. These artists are what make up the perfect soundtrack for a sunshine-filled day.

Seth Lewis is a resident of Downtown OKC, and is the Projects Director for Arts Council Oklahoma City, producing Opening Night and the Sunday Twilight Concert Series.  Outside of work, he loves supporting the local shops/restaurants/bars, the arts, and the community of OKC! 

From Evan Jarvicks:

Evan Jarvicks

Enzhe Zheng (https://soundcloud.com/enzhe-zheng) is a University of Central Oklahoma composition student to whom I had the pleasure of being introduced earlier this year at an Electric Pizza concert at UCO Jazz Lab. I’m grateful I did because his musical output during the quarantine has been comforting and inspiring. Even with my level of Oklahoma music awareness, I probably would not have been aware of it if not for that chance meeting in February.

His recent works are beautifully contemplative with an occasional dash of experimentation. Since they often require only a few musicians to perform, they can be recorded virtually, and Zheng has taken advantage of this given how social distancing has affected band and ensemble music. His composite videos posted to Facebook have provided a rare bit of joy in my otherwise quite dour social media feed.

Evan Jarvicks is the founder of Make Oklahoma Weirder and has been covering Oklahoma music since 2015. He also creates multi-instrumental music under the name Jarvix.

From James Nghiem:

James Nghiem

I’ve been listening to a lot of lo-fi hip remixes of video game music during this quarantine. In terms of local stuff, I’m digging…

James Nghiem is a musician and comedian from Oklahoma City. He plays drums in The Nghiems, an indie-pop band, and runs Robot Saves City, a comedy label.

From Apollo Woods:

Apollo Woods

L-Smooth is an artist I was recently introduced to on Instagram. He’s a dope artist. I like his song Plateau.

In 2017, Apollo founded OKC Black Eats to increase awareness and visibility of Black-owned restaurants and culinary artists in OKC.  Our goal is to stimulate the local economy by circulating local dollars in predominately African/African American communities.  In January 2019, Apollo took a leap of faith into entrepreneurship to provide marketing and consulting solutions for minority-owned businesses in Oklahoma City.  In less than 3 years, OKC Black Eats has generated more than $420,000+ in direct spending for small business restaurants in OKC Metro. 

From Hannah Royce:

Hannah Royce

Home sweet Oklahoma – wow. We’ve got talent oozing out of the cracks and crevices. My top picks feature primarily Oklahoma POC because, to me, they are (and have always been) creating culture and music that needs to be spotlighted and lifted up. I also want to note: there’s big magic happening in Tulsa right now as their community creates projects such as: “Fire in Little Africa” – a multimedia hip-hop project commemorating the 1921 massacre of Tulsa’s Greenwood neighborhood known as ‘Black Wall Street’. The documentary and album with over 50 Oklahoma hip-hop artists will be released in 2021 — but you can listen to the FILA podcast right now. I’m in awe of this entire project. It aims to process generational trauma and promote community healing through music, art + entrepreneurship.

Hannah Royce is a creative lady who cares a lot. She’s the current President / Executive Director of the OKC Pride Alliance and is the founder of the womxn + non-binary empowerment experience, Confidence Con. She loves hip-hop and nice humans.

From Mayor Breea Clark

Kyle Reid, The Whiskey Gingers, and Mike Hosty!

Just a few of my faves!

Mayor of Norman, Oklahoma. Mom of two boys & married to my high school sweetheart.

Upcoming Live-Stream Concerts Worth Mentioning:

Paseo First Friday From Home: As Oklahoma’s first arts district, the Paseo Arts District holds the safety of their visitors, artists and merchants as a top priority. With that in mind, the Paseo is excited to host First Friday From Home, a live stream of all the best things about Paseo, social distance style! Presented by The House Helps

Jabee is having a virtual listening party, Friday, May 1st at 7 pm. He’ll be spinning the test pressing vinyl of his album on Instagram Live and Facebook Live along with special guests 3 times Grammy Award Winner Symbolic One, Atmosphere, Statik Selektah, 88 Keys, Allie Lauren, and the Mayor of OKC, David Holt!

Scissortail Streams: Each week, Scissortail Park is filming free online music performances to help local artists and introducing people to different locations in Scissortail Park.

Live at Mix-Tape: Keep an eye at Factory Obscura for live concerts and other performances on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Depot TV: Come wind down with some groovy tunes played by local artists on Depot TV!

Art Moves: Follow the Arts Council OKC as they bring the arts to you.

Live Stream! on the Plaza: This month’s live stream will feature interactive trivia to win a deadCenter All Access Pass, Anthem beer tasting, how to make a pie crust with Pie Junkie, local music, and more! Tune in for a Plaza packed variety show Friday, May 8th at 6 pm.

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