Cleveland County has finalized plans for The Well, the healthy living block located in the county seat of Norman. Included in the county’s 5-year master plan approved in 2017, The Well will bring together physical and virtual health and wellness resources to residents and visitors of Cleveland County. The new facility, in partnership with the Cleveland County Health Department, will be the hub for activities and services, including online and in-person fitness classes, cooking demonstrations, Norman Regional Health System clinic and other wellness resources and events. The Well will also be the new home of the Norman Farm Market.

Planned to open to the public in 2021, The Well will be located near the Cleveland County courthouse near downtown. The area will feature green, walkable space for outdoor events and a new, 2-story community building with 14,000 square feet of classroom and meeting space. People will also be able to visit The Well virtually, accessing many events and classes through the website. Additionally, the public will have access to a wide variety of health services and professionals at The Well.

“Our vision for The Well and the reason we included it in the master plan is to make residents of Cleveland County the healthiest and happiest they can be,” says Darry Stacy, Cleveland County Commissioner. “The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that health and continued learning are vitally important to the wellbeing of our community and families. The Well will be a healthy destination for individuals, families and communities no matter if they visit in person or from their homes.”

The Well recently unveiled a logo and new website that offers more information about the area and hints at what visitors can expect. 

“Visitors to the website can see a site map of what’s planned for the block, renderings of the building and recent news,” Stacy said. “People can also sign-up to receive updates on The Well’s progress and businesses and services that will be available. We will be adding more to the website as The Well continues to grow and develop so visitors can join in on the journey of The Well.”

In 2022 the Norman Farm Market, currently located at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds, will relocate to The Well. The expanded space will be able to accommodate additional vendors while continuing to provide visitors and shoppers quality local produce and goods.

The Well is a new concept for Oklahoma, an all-in-one destination where people can shop, learn, play and exercise to improve their health. It will be a resource and a destination for all Cleveland County residents and visitors regardless of income, background or geography.

“When the community approved the plan for The Well, we travelled the country looking at places that are successful at bringing together health resources, community classes and events that everyone wants to be a part of,” says Melody Bays, executive director of The Well. “And during the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve learned a lot about the different ways people need to access information and connect with their community. We’re confident we’ve brought the best ideas and technology to Cleveland County to benefit the health of our residents and visitors.”

The Well is scheduled to begin construction on the community building in July 2020. The facility is designed by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris architects and will be built by GE Johnson Construction. 

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