In this deadCenter Film Festival Q&A session, Lindsey Cox talks about Factory Obscura’s Mix-Tape Vol. 1 music visual showing at the festival.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your role in the film.

I’m Lindsey Cox and I work at Factory Obscura handling the box office, events, and music bookings! I coordinated the musicians and the concept of Mix-Tape Vol. 1!

2. How do you personally describe the movie to people?

Mix-Tape Vol. 1 is a visual album directed and filmed by Kyle Van Osdol that accompanies the audio version which was mixed and mastered by Tyler Garcia at 33rd St Studio and physically produced to cassette tape by Gregory Terry at 46 RPM. Each musician wrote an original song inspired by a specific room in the Mix-Tape experience. Each room is inspired by an emotion (Joy, Angst, Love, Melancholy, Hope and Wonder) that one might feel when creating a mix-tape or receiving a mix-tape as a gift. The film beautifully encapsulates the emotions that each song was inspired by.

3. Why should one see it?

This is a great example of the creativity and talent we have in the Oklahoma music scene. This is the first in a series of mix-tapes that will feature Oklahoma artists.

4. What are your thoughts on the deadCenter Film Festival?

deadCenter film fest does a fantastic job giving a platform to indie film-makers that might not otherwise be able to showcase their art.

5. What was the most challenging aspect you had during production?

Coordinating the recording and filming schedule for six bands was definitely the most challenging part.

6. What was the best part about filming in Oklahoma?

It’s the home of Factory Obscura as well as all of the musicians involved with the project. We’re proud to showcase music coming from Oklahoma!

7. What were some particular scenes or locations that were enjoyable to film?

I really enjoyed holding the bubble gun during Audio Book Club’s shoot!

8. What do you do to recharge your creative batteries?

Walking around my neighborhood and being out in nature helps recharge my creative flow.

9. What do you think should be placed as a marker for the dead center of the universe?

A giant planetary theme park!

10. Anything else you wish to add or share?

You can get your copy of Mix-Tape Vol. 1, which includes a free download of the visual album at Factory Obscura’s online store! All of the proceeds benefit the musicians that contributed to the project!

The 2020 deadCenter Film Festivals runs from June 11-21. Read more Question and Answer sessions with other deadCenter filmmakers, past and present, here.

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