Welcome to the Monday Music Discovery, a weekly mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. In today’s Monday Music Discovery, enjoy new music from The Blue Hues and Deadweek. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, connect here.

Elevator Thump by The Blue Hues

Artist Statement: Elevator Thump holds a special place with the band because its the song that brought us together. Band member, Wyatt Hargrove, wrote the tune about a year before release but wasn’t confident that he would be able to sing the falsetto vocals that he envisioned for the song. After asking fellow University of Tulsa student, Caleb Ricketts, to record the song, they planted the seed that would blossom from a silly song project to their journey to making a full-fledged album and forming their band, The Blue Hues. 

Hargrove wrote the song about the elevator and its infamous “thumping” sound in the John Mabee male dormitory. The song gives the humorous tale of wanting to do your laundry in the dorm basement all while being terrified of the elevator and the horrible sounds it made while in use, fearing that they may never reach that “paradise of Tide, Clorox, and Wisk”. 

The song was written in the style of elevator music so as to be in itself a “meta-joke”. The lounge vocals, opening bass solo, and the spacey synth solo are all characteristics of the new band that strives to blend the old with the new.

In The Deep by Deadweek

Why are we expected to fall in line with the mediocrity around us? Refusing societal norms is just another Friday – in this case, July 31st – for dream rock garage band Deadweek. The band’s punk influence can be felt with their new single “In The Deep” which reminds us to be who we are and not let our environment change that. 

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