In light of the State Fair not happening this year, I visited three different places for fair-inspired food. First up for appetizers there’s the Okie Twinkies from Eddie’s in Edmond, then a turkey leg where the meat slides off the bone from Big O’s Pork and Dreams in Emond, and I end the video with dessert from Contrabandz Ice Cream Lab.

Visit Eddie's for their Okie Twinkies - photo by Dennis Spielman

Visit Eddie’s Bar & Grill for their Okie Twinkies at 2828 E. 2nd Street in Edmond.

Turkey leg from Big O's - photo by Dennis Spielman

Visit Big O’s Pork & Dreams for their Turkey legs on Fridays and Saturdays at 285 S. Santa Fe Avenue in Edmond.

Contrabandz Ice Cream Lab's Red Velvet Rolled Ice Cream Taco in front of the OKC sculpture - photo by Dennis Spielman

Visit the Contrabandz Ice Cream Lab website to find their next location to get their Red Velvet Rolled Ice Cream Taco.

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