Explore the journeys and accomplishments of those in the music industry in this Creator Conversation interview with Alexa Ace and Micayla Chandler about their podcast, Women and Music.

In your own words, what is Women and Music about?

Women and Music is a space where we celebrate the journeys and accomplishments of those in the music industry, from artists to managers and everyone in between. Knowing there’s no clear steps to getting into the music business, we talk about the paths individuals took to get to where they are while hopefully providing insights and resources for people looking to get into the business one way or another.

Who is the podcast intended for?

We think everyone can relate to Women and Music; whether you’re looking to hear from a new artist talk about what it takes to make it; or hear some of the stories tour photographers have to share; Women and Music is a place for everyone.

Why did you want to start the podcast?

AA: We wanted to directly connect women and their voices to an eager audience. Gold Hand Girls has been around for four years now, and it was time for us to establish ourselves as a proper multimedia community. Women and Music is one of many ideas in which we hope to help provide opportunity for those in the industry. Short story, we’re just getting started.

What’s a good episode for first time listeners to check out?

AA: Gurj Bassi. Gurj is a prime example of a badass woman in the music industry – she’s the Head of Music Marketing and Partnerships at Sirius XM! I had the chance to work with Gurj when I was freelancing for Pandora, and her composure left me beyond inspired. What a woman!

MC: I’d also recommend diving into our very first episode featuring Sizzy Rocket. This episode gives listeners the opportunity to get to know an artist on a deeper level. We chat about the meaning behind Sizzy’s music (including a song about Tulsa, OK), what the hustle of being an independent musician looks like and how to embody a rebel spirit in your daily life.

What have been some challenges and lessons learned in the production of your podcast?

AA: If we’re being real, starting a podcast is difficult in general. We didn’t just wake up and decide to start a podcast. Micayla and I first sat down to start planning our podcast back in October 2019, and just recently launched last month. With no overhead capital, we’ve taught ourselves how to wear all hats other than producing. We’ve learned the in’s and out’s of recording as well as learned what it takes to pitch artists to be guests.

MC: And we’re still learning!

AA: It sounds simple but when we’re both Geminis creating evergreen content, well, things have to be laid out months ahead, including how you’re going to pay for studio time, equipment, advertising, a producer and then some. That’s why we started a Patreon page, giving our incredible fans an opportunity to access more content! From exclusive behind-the-scenes to creative Instagram Wallpapers and more available only on Patreon, we hope to inspire our followers to reach for their dreams while we share with them ours. These funds will also allow us to focus on creating more content and expanding our team. Membership levels begin at $5 a month.

Any behind-the-scenes stories you wish to share?

AA: The very first time we were ever put in front of a mic, we were also recording our first episode with Sizzy Rocket. So when we say it’s our first podcast ever we REALLY mean it. Not to mention, we probably did a solid five minutes of extreme dancing before recording.

MC: A really special moment was when Alexa and I first heard our podcast intro. After a few weeks working on finding a powerful sound that mirrored the mood we were aiming to set on Women and Music, we decided to record our intro to hear how it sounded. We put our headphones on and bursted into tears. It was a rewarding and emotional moment because everything we had been working months to produce was finally coming to realization. We created something tangible that others could experience. It’s a memory I’ll always cherish.

What do you hope people will take away after listening to your podcast?

AA: I hope they find inspiration. Our most recent podcast episode is with rock journalist Erica Campbell. She’s been featured on Nylon, LadyGunn, The Huffington Post and more. She’s awesome and also discusses how as a black woman she never saw someone like her doing the job she wanted. She’s an example of positive change. Erica became what she wanted to see!

MC: Dream! Dream as big as possible then don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way of accomplishing your goals. For us, that dream is to shine a light on individuals who are leading, uplifting and challenging the music industry. Having a career in music doesn’t have a singular path so we’re here to celebrate and explore the music profession as a whole. We hope you find a spark within to chase after your own desires along the way.

Anything else you want to say or let people know?

AA: The music industry will come out of 2020 strong, and this time women will be on top.

MC: We are proud to call Oklahoma our home and are excited to be shaking up a conversation through Women and Music right here in our own state! But like Ace said, we’re just getting started!

Alexa Ace

Entrepreneur, published music photographer and women’s rights activist Alexa Ace founded Gold Hand Girls in 2016 after discovering the lack of women in positions of power within the music industry. While simultaneously driving the Gold Hand Girls’ mission, Alexa Ace moved to London in pursuit of her own dream in the music industry where she gained experience managing artists and photographing wide-scale artists such as Billie Eilish, P!nk, Nile Rodgers and more, leading to a freelance photographer role for Pandora Radio and Lead Photographer of the Oklahoma Gazette at age 23 in 2018. Alexa is based out of Oklahoma and holds a B.A.S. in Music Business from The Academy of Contemporary Music (US). 

Micayla Chandler

Award-winning public relations agent and entrepreneur Micayla Chandler is the Director of Operations for Gold Hand Girls, overseeing day-to-day operations and marketing of the powerhouse platform. With experience leading innovative marketing campaigns for nationally touring artists, including Lana Del Rey, Post Malone, The Killers, Kane Brown and many more, Micayla brings a creative focus and genuine love of music to Gold Hand Girls. Micayla has held positions for various festivals, amphitheaters, music venues and more, spanning different genres of music from rock to country and indie. Micayla holds a B.A. in Public Relations with an emphasis in Communication from The University of Oklahoma.

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