The dreamy punk band, stepmom, takes a moment to talk about their self-titled debut album in this creator conversation.

How do you describe yourself and your music?

stepmom is a four-piece orchestral dream punk band coming to steal your children.

What’s the origin story behind your name?

Our music can be a bit angsty at times, and what’s more angsty then your relationship with your stepmom?

What were some challenges you faced when making the album?

COVID-19 🙃

What behind the scenes stories do you want to share about the album?

We finished writing the first song “Scary Stuff” while in the studio! Our drummer Brad also solved his Rubix cube 99 times while in the studio.

What are you afraid of?

Currently, I’m afraid we’ll be living in The Handmaid’s Tale if Trump takes office again. PLEASE VOTE FOR GOD’S SAKE.

Where are the best places to go in Oklahoma On a Stormy Night?

When I was little, my dad would open the hatchback of our minivan and we’d sit and listen to the storms pass by. Rain always makes me feel nostalgic.

What are some of your favorite places to perform or listen to live music in Oklahoma?

Concerts at the Tower Theatre are a must! We love performing at The Speakeasy and Opolis. During COVID we’ve enjoyed performing at Scissortail Park!

If one were able to get inside your head as an immersive, interactive art gallery experience, what would it have inside?

TONS of pink sparkle tinsel and melted Barbies hanging from the ceiling.

What else would you like people to know about yourself and your music?

Listen to our debut album <3

You can follow us on Instagram & Twitter at @stepmomband and Facebook.

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