Welcome to the Monday Music Discovery, a weekly mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. In today’s Monday Music Discovery, enjoy new music from Backflip Jackson, Merry Walkers, Mason Hodge, Jambi, Alexaandria, Warren Realrider, and Paul Benjaman. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, connect here.

Timothy by Backflip Jackson

Artist Statement: I’ve been playing in bands for a long time, just started making electronic music on my own. I think this one is pretty good, although I’ve been wrong before. I’m just a guy.

Another Plane by Merry Walkers

Artist Statement: We are a DIY band having recorded and produced this album ourselves. We are very proud of what we have done and would love it if our fellow Okies could listen! This song is a mashup of Devo, Kraftwerk, and Huey Lewis.

 What Do You Say by Mason Hodge

Artist Statement: My name is Mason Hodge and I’m an artist from Purcell, Oklahoma. I am currently residing in Moore. This is my “debut” (major streaming platforms-wise) and I think you all will get a kick out of it! It’s a catchy indie-pop song about reflection and overcoming past mistakes and flaws. It was produced by Braden Norris aka Florence Rose/Rose Records! I sincerely hope you listen and enjoy my song! I’ve got more on the way! Thanks for reading!

Burnout by Jambi (featuring HusL)

Artist Statement: Jambi is an alternative hip-hop artist based in OKC. He is currently working on his debut album 27 Club which details his struggles with faith, depression, addiction, and Bipolar Disorder. This song is the latest single from 27 Club and features Jambi’s close friend and fellow independent OKC rapper HusL.

Rewind by Alexaandria

Artist Statement: My name is Alexaandria and this is my first single called “Rewind.”

Unassigned Data by Warren Realrider

Join Oklahoma Contemporary for an experimental sound response to their exhibition Fieldworks: Beyond Measure, on view in the Mary LeFlore Clements Oklahoma Gallery. Warren Realrider (Pawnee/Crow) is a multidisciplinary sound artist who uses contemporary music technology to process and deconstruct sound and create compositions that respond to location, context, and space. Warren’s in-gallery performance expands upon Fieldworks’ exploration of landscapes in the American Southwest and the ways humans leave traces on the land.

Play it Loud with Paul Benjaman

In this episode of Play it Loud, Adam Hampton interviewed Paul Benjaman.

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