This month marks my 12th year of producing Uncovering Oklahoma, and I’ve packed this episode with content. My feature story is about the town of Crescent, where I visit Rise & Dine, a coffee/donut shop; EMpressed and Company, a clothing boutique, Paper Pages Bookstore, an indie bookstore; Kristi Lovett, a mural artist; and end with Mrs. Jen’s Ice Cream Emporium. I first found Mrs. Jen’s on Instagram, and I asked her what else there was to check out in Crescent, which sparked this whole trip.

Then I travel to OKC to visit Catherine Shotick, a curator at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, about their latest exhibition, Moving Vision: Op and Kinetic Art from the Sixties and Seventies. This exhibition looks at two different art movements, op and kinetic art. In these movements, artists were exploring ways to move from traditional limitations of painting and sculpture by adding movement, either perceived movement or actual movement into the paintings and sculpture.

Loaded Fries at The Moonlight Vegan - photo by Dennis Spielman

Next, I spoke with Skyy Jones and Jon Cotton, owners of The Moonlight Vegan. The Moonlight Vegan came into existence from Skyy starting a different health journey for herself as she saw her family members starting to suffer. Some of the best sellers on their menu are their vegan chicken sandwiches and loaded fries that even non-vegans enjoy.

Over at Science Museum Oklahoma, Alyson Atchison, of smART Space, showed me their current exhibitions JUMBLE by Julie Alpert and Andy Arkley and Screens by Geoffrey Hicks. JUMBLE invites viewers to make music and play with lights while Screens isn’t finished until the visitor comes and interacts with it.

Farmers Market at Scissortail Park - photo by Dennis Spielman

I visited the Scissortail Park Farmers Market for their opening day of the 2021 season, and I put together a short 30-second promo spot about Oklahoma City’s largest outdoor market. There are lots of great vendors to check out there!

The Imaginaries - photo by Dennis Spielman

Ending the episode, husband and wife duo The Imaginaries’ Maggie McClure and Shane Henry play a couple of songs from their self-titled debut album.

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