Welcome to the Monday Music Discovery, a weekly mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. In today’s Monday Music Discovery, enjoy new music from Beachfriends, Ben Emanuelson, Balefire, Kitt Wakeley, and S. Reidy. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, connect here.

Psycho by Beachfriends

Artist Statement: “Psycho” is for everyone. I think we’ve all felt like we’re so into someone that we can’t think straight or make sense of what we’re doing anymore. It can get intense. This song is celebrating losing your mind over someone. “

New Paradise by Ben Emanuelson


Two Mimics to Midnight by Balefire

Artist Statement: Balefire is an Oklahoma City based chiptune heavy metal band. The sound is described as what you hear when you look at the cool vans with the dope wizards painted on them. Soaring guitars like wizard lightning from atop their spires, heavy riffs like barbarian axes, epic gameboy melodies and solos that are summoned from chaos demons, and thundering drums like an Orc hoard.

All tech sounds were programmed on an original gameboy.

Conflicted by Kitt Wakeley (featuring Joe Satriani)

Artist Statement: This was an exiting project all together, but to hear it come alive at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London was amazing. Conflicted had an instant energy with the orchestra. Adding Joe Satriani’s magic brought more depth and color to the song, which immediately expanded the audience of this niche genre.

The Midnight Gospel Literally Saved My Life by S. Reidy

Artist Statement: The Midnight Gospel Literally Saved My Life is the lead single to my new EP ‘I Started Grieving Today’. The new EP deals with loss, mental health, and the political state of the world. This song is the peace between the madness.

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