Denise Duong and Gabriel Freeman gave me a live tour of their MAINSITE Contemporary Art exhibition, The Left Hand of Liminality, before it opened to the public for the return of the in-person 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk. The show is open to in-person viewing from May 14 through July 9, 2021.

Artist Profiles:

Denise Duong is a Vietnamese American artist and muralist from Oklahoma City, OK. Growing up with an immigrant family in a city that cultivated individual’s imaginations helped feed the beast of curiosity. This created an intrigue of what was beyond boundaries, state lines, oceans, skies, and emotions which played and continues to play an integral part of her inspiration and creativity. The narrative works on canvas are created with acrylic paint, paper, watercolor and ink. When she’s not in her Oklahoma City studio painting, you can find her somewhere in the world drawing, water coloring, or painting on walls indoor and out. The allegory in her works are narrated through the interwoven figures and characters. Each little scene working with another. It’s the story within the story.

Gabriel Friedman is an Oklahoma City-based sculptural and large-scale 3D artist, photographer, builder, teacher and father. He received his education at the San Francisco, Chicago and Boston Arts Institutes. His works and mediums are site-specific, ranging from the whimsical to the absurd. He has training and extensive experience in a variety of materials and mediums including carpentry and woodworking, naturally harvested materials, metal and welding, blacksmithing, general construction and contracting, etc. His works reflect his intent to create a long-lasting positive impact with a focus on his immediate community. Gabriel creates each piece unique in form and function.

The Left Hand of Liminality by Denise Duong and Gabriel Friedman - photo by Dennis Spielman
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