Welcome to the Monday Music Discovery, a mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. In this Monday Music Discovery, enjoy new music from stepmom, Ray Pierce, and Rachel Lynch & the Daydrinkers. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, connect here.

Damage Control  by stepmom

The music video for Damage control took over a YEAR to create. Lindsey Cox, the lead singer and guitarist of stepmom, learned how to do stop motion animation with tips and guidance from professional stop motion animator, Nicole Emmons. After completing the shots, Lindsey sent the video over to Jay Shropshire, who is the lighting director at Tower Theatre. Jay added hand-drawn animations to the video and brought Lindsey’s vision to life. 
The single was tracked by Alex Larrea, Mixed by Chris Self, and Mastered by Adam Chamberlain at Adam C. Mastering. 

The music video is a social commentary on the addictive and manipulative nature of social media as well as the negative effects of advertisements and influencer culture that promote unrealistic beauty standards. 

Back When by Ray Pierce

The submitted music is a song Ray Pierce wrote that was inspired by a heartbreak. It’s a song titled “Back When”. Some featured musicians on the track are Shyloh Powers on guitar (Koe Wetzel guitarist), Dace Palmer on drums (Corey Kent drummer), John McCall on bass (Corey Kent bassist), and was produced by Ryan Sneed (Pecos and the Rooftops FOH engineer). The song was recorded in Oklahoma at Castle Row Studios. This is Pierce’s debut single and is the first song released off of his debut EP that will be dropping soon.

Sundaze by Rachel Lynch & the Daydrinkers

This video is about that feeling you get when you drink allll Saturday night and wake up Sunday morning on your bed (or someone else’s! I don’t judge) and just go UGHHHHH. 

This was filmed and directed by George Adams and performed by Rachel Lynch & the Daydrinkers. Special thanks to Jessica Bisel as our hungover girl!

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