Seed Reef is an immersive, sculpted paper installation of a coral reef, created by artists Emma Difani and Malcolm Zachariah, in collaboration with Factory Obscura. Participants may walk “underwater” through the kirigami (cut and folded paper) reef as it transitions from a colorful, vibrant section full of corals, fish, and other sea life to a barren wasteland of bleached coral skeletons.

Participants are invited to restore Seed Reef by constructing and adding their own corals and other reef animals to the installation. By crafting corals, you are helping seed the reef, bringing it back to a healthy, thriving state.

Artists Malcolm Zachariah and Emma Difani’s artistic partnership formed through a shared love of material, nature, and ecology. Emma will use dye, silkscreen, and woodcut printmaking techniques to create patterns and imagery based on reef life. Malcolm will design, cut, and shape the printed paper to create stationary and suspended kirigami sculptures.

Seed Reef will be open for General Admission on Thursday, February 10, 2022. Tickets are $8 for Adults, $6 for Kids 12 & Under, and Free for Children 3 & Under. Save $2 when you bundle with your Mix-Tape tickets.

Factory Obscura’s Mix-Tape is located at 25 NW 9th St, in the historic Automobile Alley district of Downtown Oklahoma City. More information is available at

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