Time to make the news official: I’m shifting away from Uncovering Oklahoma to produce multiple shows at The Show Starts Now Studios, my new streaming platform. You may have noticed fewer frequent updates here as I’ve been working on that project and client work. As much as I love producing Uncovering Oklahoma, with website hosting fees, closed captioning, and travel expenses, I’ve never made a profit. My day job/freelance videography work has been what’s supported this series, and client projects have been picking up for me. Despite the financial challenges, I don’t regret anything, as this has been a rewarding experience. I’ve introduced people to new things and helped local creatives and businesses. Winning the Governor’s Art Award for Media Coverage of the Arts was a huge honor to achieve with this series.

The move to having my own niche streaming service at The Show Starts Now Studios felt like the next step in my career. While all initial shows have a heavy Oklahoma focus, I’ll be free to gather stories from all over the place. While I am in the soft launch phase of the service, there’s a ton of great content already from my years of filming stories. There will be even more, as I’m still reviewing my archives and enhancing content.

Brand new are the first episodes of Take A Bite with Phi and Visiting Haunts. Phi Nguyen hosts the new food travel show as she goes behind the scenes at restaurants to encourage people to take a bite of something new. In Visiting Haunts, author Jeff Provine tours haunted places people are allowed to visit. Both of these have Oklahoma ties that you would see on Uncovering Oklahoma. The Creative Burgers videos I did here have been spun off into their own series.

My documentary on the candy dystopian art experience, Sugar High, is also new and can be found under the second season of my new project, Archiving Contemporary Art. The first season will contain select art stories from the archives of Uncovering Oklahoma while starting the second season contains new content. Keep in mind I am still going through my archive for this first season, but I did put up my story on the Plaza Walls.

There’s so much for me to talk about with The Show Starts Now Studios, but I’ll summarize plans in this paragraph. Once I get Tales Unveiled and Yes! Science! uploaded, I’ll be spreading the word more, growing out of the “soft launch” phase. I have more episodes of several shows in my queue to be edited. I plan to have an iPhone/Android app once I have enough subscribers to afford the expansion. I will start doing live audience shows again, as I did in 2019, before COVID. I got some fun partnerships, creative experiences, and even more shows in the works. For the foreseeable future, I will keep Uncovering Oklahoma online, as most of my content is timeless, and I will make some updates here and there as I am connected to the local scene.

I’d love for you to check out the service and join me on this new adventure. I’m currently offering a 14-day free trial, so start your show now!

Thank you for visiting Uncovering Oklahoma since 2009!

Happy Adventures!

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Dennis Spielman

I'm Dennis Spielman, the Producer of Uncovering Oklahoma, which I started in 2009 as a way to show that Oklahoma isn't boring. As for about myself, I’m a creative person that writes imaginative stories. I also run The Show Starts Now Studios, which is my umbrella organization for all of my shows I create. Come join me on Patreon as I create content that adds adventure and wonder to peoples' lives. More about my stories and projects are at DennisSpielman.com

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  1. Norman Mardi Gras Parade says:

    Congratulations, Dennis! I’ve just taken over running the Norman Mardi Gras Parade and got your announcement. Things are in disarray but I’m building a wonderful new team and hope to somehow include you. -Jennifer Robertson