Join Bri from Oklahoma’s Credit Union as we get fantastic gift ideas from some amazing local shops in Oklahoma City. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of unique and meaningful presents! 🎉

1️⃣ NASH Fashion

Tamra, from NASH Fashion, creates clothing from scratch! 🧵 Their locally-made garments and accessories, including a special line by Tamra’s brother, make for perfect, thoughtful gifts. 🎨 Plus, check out their locally crafted candles for a cozy touch! 🕯️

2️⃣ Red Coyote

Jen at Red Coyote has you covered for all things active and stylish! 🏃‍♂️ From apparel to bone-conducting headphones, they cater to every fitness level. 🎁 Gift cards and personalized gait analysis make this spot a one-stop shop for the fitness enthusiasts in your life! 💪

3️⃣ Blue Seven

Caleb’s custom hat station at Blue Seven is a hit! 🧢 Create a personalized hat with a vintage patch in just five minutes. 🕰️ Plus, their dedication to supporting local artists means you’ll find a variety of Oklahoma-made goods. 🎨 Perfect for finding something special for everyone on your list! 🎄

4️⃣ Belle Books Boutique & More

Courtney brings a diverse range of gifts at Belle Books Boutique & More! 📚 From books and clothing to unique items from local businesses, you’ll find the perfect gift. 🎁 Support Oklahoma-born businesses while giving something truly special to your loved ones!

5️⃣ Curbside Flowers

Hailey introduces Curbside Flowers, a full-service flower shop with a mission. 💐 Impact your community by buying flowers crafted by those transitioning out of homelessness. 🌟 Their wrapping paper, designed by local artists, adds a beautiful touch to any gift. 🎀

6️⃣ Oklahoma Shirt Company

Justin Lawrence invites you to Oklahoma Shirt Company for holiday-themed T-shirts and custom options! 🎄 Located in Automobile Alley, this store offers a variety of fun and personalized choices. 🎁 Consider spending your local dollars here for a unique and festive touch!

7️⃣ Shop Good

Justin, from Shop Good, showcases cozy sweatshirts and vintage patch denim jackets designed and made in-house. 🧥 These Oklahoma-inspired items make for perfect holiday gifts! 🎅 Check out their unique designs before they’re gone!

8️⃣ Plenty Mercantile

Brittney and Traci at Plenty Mercantile have something for everyone! 🍬 From pickled vegetables and nostalgic candies to fragrances and unique gifts, you’re sure to find the perfect present. 🎀 Don’t forget they have gifts for pets too!

9️⃣ Plant People

Christina at Plant People offers unique local products, including Sage pottery and custom earrings. 🌿 Join their propagation tower and swap cuttings to grow roots at home! 💚 Attend their Plants & Punch workshops for a fun, hands-on experience creating terrariums. 🌱

🔟 Nhu Avenue

Lanh at Nhu Avenue suggests matching mommy and me headbands, Formosana jewelry, and cozy Sherpa jackets for your holiday gift guide. 🎁 Visit their Midtown store for a variety of options to make your loved ones’ holidays extra special!

1️⃣1️⃣ DNA Galleries

Lindsay at DNA Galleries showcases affordable art by emerging and established artists, along with a range of cards for every occasion. 🎨 Make your gift personal and budget-friendly with a unique touch from this local gem!

Thanks for shopping local and supporting these incredible businesses! 🛍️ Let’s make this holiday season extra special by spreading the love in our community.

Thank you to Oklahoma’s Credit Union for sponsoring this episode! Oklahoma’s Credit Union (OKCU) offers great service and rates on auto loans, home loans, certificates and other personal and business banking solutions.

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