Uncovering Oklahoma is about creative places and people in Oklahoma. Originally started in April 2009 as an episodic travel show for young adults, Uncovering Oklahoma evolved to a publication with information about adventurous places in the state and interviews with creative people through articles, interviews, and videos.

The primary mission of Uncovering Oklahoma is to introduce people to new places, things, and amazing, creative people. All of this is done while remaining free of negative opinions, rants, politics, and religion. It’s a positive environment here.

The secondary mission is to make Oklahoma better. The feature-length documentary, District Up! was the first major project to not only help make Oklahoma more lively but other communities as well with stories and advice from those who helped create positive change. The film shares stories and advice on district revitalization throughout Oklahoma City from the people who helped create positive change in their communities and want to inspire others to do the same. This secondary mission continues through the Better OK series.

Uncovering Oklahoma is known for its date ideas, Question and Answer Sessions, Halloween Guide, Creator Conversations featuring creative projects, and video interviews. Uncovering Oklahoma has earned a positive reputation as supporter of the arts, small businesses, and tourism and has been invited to report on such events as deadCenter Film Festival, The Creativity World Forum, Red Earth Festival, SoonerCon, and the Norman Music Festival.

Uncovering Oklahoma is produced by Norman resident, Dennis Spielman.

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Uncovering Oklahoma follows the mantel, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Uncovering Oklahoma is about promoting people and places, and as such, comments not in line with this mantel, will be removed.

The art stories may contain mature themes, including nudity. Art may also be political, religious, or through-provoking in nature. These kinds of subjects are not shied away from.

Uncovering Oklahoma has never charged anyone for coverage, outside of complementary admission or food to cover the story. To avoid situations of choosing between an advertiser or a story, help Uncovering Oklahoma by becoming a patron. Patrons get early access to content and exclusive treats. Larger projects or specials, such as Inviting Art and The Food of Lindsey Street, are funded with the help of a sponsor or grant. If you would like to help fund a story, contact here.


The idea for Uncovering Oklahoma was created by Dennis Spielman back in 2009. Ali Heidari and Dennis Spielman filmed the first two places, The Downtown Underground and Put A Cork In It, on April 15, 2009. The first episode, Gems in Bricktown and Downtown, was released June 2, 2009. On June 2, 2017, Dennis released an updated video on The Underground.

The first digital date guide book was released February 12, 2012. On January 20, 2013, the date guide book changed to date ideas and was available in print for the first time. The final book was released January 15, 2015, being discontinued in favor of other projects and having an updated online guide.

Uncovering Oklahoma’s first feature-length film, District Up!, made its World Premiere at the deadCenter Film Festival on Friday, June 10, 2016 at 8:00 pm to a packed house. The movie was later released, with some changes and improvements, on November 18, 2016.