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The Show Starts Now

Hello, everyone! I’m Dennis Spielman, the creator of Uncovering Oklahoma, and I am thrilled to launch The Show Starts Now! My unique, Oklahoma-based streaming service is more than just entertainment—it’s a passport to electrifying adventures. Dive...

Yes! I can Roger!

Inspired by Dire Straits’s Skateaway music video, and Roger Miller’s You Can’t Roller Skate With a Buffalo Herd, Gregg Standridge’s art exhibition says you can skate with a buffalo herd.

The Kobold Lounge

The Kobold Lounge in Oklahoma City is an inclusive gaming hub offering resources and classes for various tabletop games, including Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering. The lounge fosters a safe, friendly atmosphere for both novice and experienced gamers to relax, play, and learn.

The Art of Food

The Art of Food exhibition at Oklahoma Contemporary is an exceptional showcase of 100 objects by 36 artists highlighting the themes of food and its relationship to agriculture, food production, and family.

Shifting to Bigger Projects

Time to make the news official: I’m shifting away from Uncovering Oklahoma to produce multiple shows at The Show Starts Now Studios, my new streaming platform. You may have noticed fewer frequent updates here as...