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The Show Starts Now

Hello, everyone! I’m Dennis Spielman, the creator of Uncovering Oklahoma, and I am thrilled to launch The Show Starts Now! My unique, Oklahoma-based streaming service is more than just entertainment—it’s a passport to electrifying adventures. Dive...

Tales Unveiled: 4×02 The Gravity of Davis

Sam and Geoff travel to Wynnewood where they interview paranormal investigator John Mcqulliam. They talk about the Eskridge Hotel, Turner Falls, and the Lady in White at Veteran’s Lake. After the interview, Sam and Geoff visit Oklahoma’s other gravity hill, Magnetic Hill in Springer. Then as they’re heading home, Sam receives a voicemail from Detective Valerie James about a second murder. 

Verbode’s Exhibit 1 for 2020

In this Artist Statement Minute, Christie Owen talks about the group of artists she invited to Verbode’s first exhibition for 2020 who are actively making our city a super cool place through various creative channels.