Thank you wanting to reach out! If you wish to contact Uncovering Oklahoma, you may e-mail me at the following address: connect (AT) uncoveringoklahoma (DOT) com

I’m always interested in press releases, stories, suggestions, new local businesses, event news, and contest prizes.

I love to hear about upcoming events happening in Oklahoma I should talk about. If you submit an event, be sure to give the title, type, location, time, and description of the event. If the event has a web site and publicity photos, be sure to send those as well.

Public Relation Managers, feel free to add Uncovering Oklahoma to your PR list. I regularly work with Bumbershoot PR, Cryder, Bui PR, Cellar Door Music Group, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, Living Arts of Tulsa, and other groups. Be sure to include promotional images as I do require them. I gladly accept videos and music too.

Another way for you to reach me is via this contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!