Music Discovery Submission

Monday Music Discovery Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting your music for the Monday Music Discovery feature. On Mondays, when applicable, Uncovering Oklahoma features a mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres and all popularity levels by local musicians/bands in Oklahoma. The platform also gives artists a chance to talk about their music. If you’re interested in having your music highlighted, read over the guidelines and then fill out the form below. Your Artist Statement can include comments about where the video was filmed, the story behind the song, people you want to thank, and whatever you want to share. More questions are answered are below the submission form.

As always, Uncovering Oklahoma never charges for coverage and if you love what we’re doing, became a patron as this series is made possible by viewers like you!


  • Songs must have been made by a current resident(s) of Oklahoma.
  • Original music for a song only features. However, music video cover songs (that were filmed in Oklahoma) and fan-tribute songs (i.e. an original song about Harry Potter) are okay.
  • For Music Videos, most of the video should have been filmed in Oklahoma. However, exceptions are made such as for road trip/destination themed videos and animated videos.
  • Songs and Music Videos need to be hosted by the artist on a place such as Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. (After all, you deserve the streams.)
  • Do NOT send links to download the music via DropBox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Artists need to have either a website or a social media page.
  • No messages of hate.

Questions and Answers

Q: What should I say for the artist statement?

A: The statement is a chance for you to talk about your work. Feel free to discuss the story behind the song, themes, influences, where the music video was filmed, people you want to thank, and anything you want to share about the work. You may include website links to people and local places that helped you out. The statement can as short as a few sentences to a few paragraphs. Feel to browse past statements for ideas. Uncovering Oklahoma may edit statements for minor mistakes, clarity, and to trim if it’s too long.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can submit?

A: There isn’t a limit per say. When it comes to song singles, musicians will only release one or two singles from an entire album. Don’t send a whole album and expect a song a week to be featured. Whole albums can be considered for the Creator Conversation interview series. Music Videos are preferred over song singles.

Q: Will the coverage be exclusive?

A: No, you are free to submit your work and statements to any and all media outlets. Even if you got coverage from another publication for your work, Uncovering Oklahoma will still feature you too.

Q: Will you do debuts?

A: Yes, we will be honored to premiere your work! Premieres will be featured at the top of the playlist, followed by an order of newest to oldest. Leave a note in the artist statement that you would like to premiere it on Uncovering Oklahoma and when you want to premiere – as long as it’s on a Monday.

Q: Do I need to have been born in Oklahoma?

A: No, artists just need to be a current resident of Oklahoma for possible inclusion. If you were born in Oklahoma, but live in another state and recorded the music elsewhere, we’re not considering you a current local.

Q: Any technical requirements?

A: Songs and videos should meet the technical requirements for their respective hosted platforms. Basically, the music should be of a good audio quality and same goes for videos.

Q: How “new” should the work be?

A: When submitting, the work should be no older than a few months. However, if you’ve never submitted anything in the past, then we’ll allow up to a year as you’re new to us.

Any other questions? Contact here.