Uncovering Oklahoma’s Date Idea Book

Welcome adventurer!

In Uncovering Oklahoma’s Date Idea Book you will uncover a wealth of romantic, fantastic, creative, and local places for amazing, fun, and unique dates.

The book series has been discontinued in favor of other projects.

Uncovering Oklahoma’s Date Idea Book book was written with all types of couples and dates in mind to show that there is something fun out there for everyone and to help expand the concept of date night beyond the standard “dinner and a movie.” The book series had featured various suggestions for a night (or afternoon) out in different parts of Oklahoma, along with pictures and quotes from people about why they think a particular place makes for a great date spot. And while the focus of the book was date ideas, it wasn’t limited to starry-eyed couples. Feel free to grab some of your friends, pick an adventure from these pages, and go!

Comments and Reviews

“The book isn’t just a laundry list of places to eat and events – it’s a thoughtful collection of eateries, activities and options with remarks about what special characteristic makes it a good date choice.”
~ Shel Harrington

“It’s a perfect companion as we head into the lazy summer months.”
~ Heather Davis of Minivan Mom

“Thankfully, a fellow blogger named Dennis Spielman has come to save us from ourselves!”
~ Diana of Sunburst Gifts


→ Edition 2015 (6.0) ~ Released January 15, 2015
→ Edition 2014 (5.0) ~ Released January 24, 2014
→ Edition 2013 (4.0) ~ Released January 20, 2013
Edition 3.0 ~ Released September 27, 2012
Edition 2.0 ~ Released June 12, 2012
Edition 1.1 ~ Released March 15, 2012
→ Edition 1.0 ~ Released February 12, 2012