District Up! Stories and Advice of District Revitalization

The Plaza District, Film Row, and Western Avenue. Each of these Oklahoma City districts may have a unique history and aesthetic, but they also have something in common: over the past few years they all have experienced a revival with the creation of regular events that bring businesses, neighbors, and “outsiders” together. This feature-length documentary shares stories and advice on district revitalization throughout Oklahoma City from the people who helped create positive change in their communities and want to inspire others to do the same.

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    Movie Stills and Press Kit

    Publicity Stills from District Up! Give credit to Dennis Spielman.

    District Up! Press Kit via Dropbox

    Director’s Statement

    When Uncovering Oklahoma was started, the main mission was to show people that there were interesting and fun things to do in Oklahoma. However, there has always been a secondary mission to make Oklahoma more interesting. District Up! is the first major project to not only help make Oklahoma more lively but other communities as well with stories and advice from those who helped create positive change.

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    Director’s Biography

    Dennis Spielman is an author and filmmaker with a passion for his longtime home state of Oklahoma. In addition to self-publishing several novels, he is also the creator of the website “Uncovering Oklahoma” and the related “Date Idea” book series, which provide information about Oklahoma events and businesses for both tourists and locals who are looking for fun, creative, and educational things to do. In addition to his travel series, he’s author of the 16th Phoenix Universe Stories, director of Quarter Minutes, Uncovering Oklahoma Summer Fun, and has created several short films and music videos.

    The District Up Cocktail crafted by Oak and Ore

    The District Up Cocktail

    Enjoy watching the movie with the District Up Cocktail crafted by Oak & Ore. Pour equal parts (1oz) of all the ingredients into a shaker over ice, shake, and then strain into the glass.
    – Sailor Jerry’s Rum
    – Prairie Wolf Spirits Dark (coffee liqueur)
    – Cointreau (an orange liqueur)
    – Buffalo Trace Whiskey
    – Half and Half

    Awards and Recognitions

    – Accepted and World Premiere at the deadCenter Film Festival
    District Up! made its World Premiere at the deadCENTER Film Festival on Friday, June 10 at 8:00pm to a packed house.
    – Spotlight Bronze Award Winner from the Spotlight Film Awards
    – Shown at Frack Fest on Opening Night, Thursday, October 20th at 8:45pm.


    Dennis Spielman

    (in order of appearance)
    Brian Bergman
    Cayla Lewis
    Cassie Neahring
    Tony LeSure
    Anton “Tony” Morton
    Rachael Taylor
    Carl Milam
    Jerrod Smith
    Douglas Sorocco
    George and Teresa Adams
    Blake Behrens
    Bradley Wynn
    Kristen Vails
    Keith Rinearson
    Chelsey Cope
    Graham Colton
    The So Help Me’s
    Katie Williams
    Kinsey Charles
    Lynn Neill
    Morgan Ward
    Amanda Bleakley
    Jill Castilla
    Ann Chen
    Stephanie Sunday
    Julia Kirt
    Randy Parsons
    Blakely Hiner
    Dylan Bradway

    (in order of appearance)

    “All For Her” by Willow Way

    “California Lullabye” by Josh Woodward

    “Infinite Horizon” by Josh Woodward

    “Stickybee” by Josh Woodward

    “Where I Am From” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

    “I’ll Be Right Behind You Josephine” by Josh Woodward

    “Above and Beyond” by Silent Partner

    “Cockpit” by Silent Partner

    “Festival” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

    “Blue Skies” by Silent Partner

    “Festival” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

    “Coffee Stains” by Riot

    “Home Improvement” by Josh Woodward

    “Invisible Light” by Josh Woodward

    “Loophole Fragment” by Silent Partner

    “Hit the Switch” by Silent Partner

    “Cloud Patterns” by Silent Partner

    “Seagull” by Evert Almond

    “Biggie” by ALBIS

    “Fargo” by Riot

    “Sunflower” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

    “Disappointment” by Speak, Memory

    “Absent Within Skies” by Speak, Memory

    “Triangles” by Silent Partner

    “Trails” by The So Help Me’s

    All of the OKC Districts
    Clarity Coffee for Brain’s interview space
    KOSU Radio for Bradly’s interview space
    The Plaza District Association for Historical Plaza photos
    Bradley Wynn, Rachel Mosman and Oklahoma Historic Society for Historic Film Row photos
    Bumbershoot PR
    Rob Crissinger
    Tracey Zeeck
    Krystal Yoseph
    Heard on Hurd
    Paulette “Fat Nikki” Nicole
    Art Sunday
    Tessa Raven
    Kyle Simmons
    Michelle Bui
    Jill DeLozier
    Julie Oseland
    Sugar Free Allstars
    deadCenter Film Festival
    Frack Fest
    And The Amazing, Leslie Spielman