Episode 1: Gems in Bricktown and Downtown

Our premier episode focuses on Oklahoma City’s premier designation: the Bricktown and Downtown area. We uncover information about the tunnel system, The Underground; the trendy clothing store, Firefly; the micro-winery, Put A Cork In It; the Bricktown Pub, JJ’s Alley; and the Cajun restaurant, Jazmo’z Bourbon Street Café.

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Featuring the Underground, Firefly, and Put A Cork In It.

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Featuring JJ’s Alley and Jazmo’z Bourbon Street Café.

Watch Episode 1’s Deleted Bits and Bloopers on YouTube!

Dennis, Ali, and Charmaine revisit the first episode of Uncovering Oklahoma and share their thoughts on the video and other random things that come to mind.

Location: Downtown Oklahoma City
Web Site: downtownokc.com
The Underground can be simply described as a creatively lit tunnel system that gets you around various places in the Downtown area. However, in some ways it’s almost like a mall with it’s various shops and eateries. You can also say that’s it’s an art and history gallery with all of the photographs and artwork displayed throughout the various tunnels.

Firefly is no longer in business in Bricktown

Location: 115 E. California, Miller-Jackson Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Web Site: ucorkit.com
A winery in Bricktown, you say? Taste their wines for free or buy a bottle and enjoy at home.

Location: 212 E Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 7310
MySpace: myspace.com/dspub
A bricktown pub with live music seven nights a week.

Location: 100 E California Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Web Site: jazmoz.com
Jazmo’z has an excellent bar with all the popular liquors, wines, domestic and imported beers. Come and enjoy our spicy Cajun and Creole cooking and authentic New Orleans atmosphere.