3-Artist Installation Exhibition

October 7, 2016 all-day America/Chicago Timezone
Living Arts of Tulsa
307 W M.B. Brady St
Tulsa, OK 74103

The Locked Room by Candace Hicks
A 3-Artist Installation Exhibition will open on October 7, 2016 for the Brady Arts District First Friday Art Crawl at 6-9PM at Living Arts of Tulsa, 307 E. MB Brady St., and continuing through October 27, 2016.

mottainai: exploring nostalgic memory by Akiko Jackson
Her work is informed by the use of black and gold, which are not only colors, but also concepts connected to theories of otherness, Japanese aesthetic, kintsugi, and mottainai. Braiding hair, tying knots, casting multiples, sewing and stitching, breaking and re-using, mending cracks, are some greater assertions of cultural identity and tradition preservation seen in her body of work.

Sunlit by Grace Grothaus Grimm
Three large internally lit sculptures with sound, inspired by the alternately extreme weather in Oklahoma, will be displayed in the Myers South Gallery along with several smaller wall pieces. The interplay of light and shadow in these artworks is reminiscent of, but not the same as, the sun shining through vegetation, blowing in the breeze – gentle or not, as it may vary from artwork to artwork. The visual effect is beautiful yet intentionally unsettling. The initial allure gives way to questions. The quality of light and movement is not entirely natural. If the phenomenon of the “uncanny valley” were to apply to the larger natural world and not just humankind, then these installations and paintings would fall within it.

The Locked Room by Candace Hicks
A locked room mystery is a genre of detective story in which the location of the crime is sealed from the inside, and it is seemingly impossible for the criminal to evade detection either entering or leaving the crime scene. Using a combination of wall text and kinetic sculptures, The Locked Room takes advantage of this classic form of storytelling to immerse the viewer in a mystery. All the elements of the story, contained in the gallery, position the visitor as the detective. Rather than solve a murder, the visitor pieces together the clues to complete the artwork. Gamers will recognize the form I borrow as an escape game. In an escape game, the premise is that the player, trapped in a contained space, has to find a means to get out. The Locked Room presents a conundrum that hinges on the history of the pursuit of perpetual motion. In addition to looking for clues, viewers can explore this unique history of failed inventions and attempts to defy the laws of nature.

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