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Art’s Not Trendy!

Presented by Downtown OKC Inc, Inviting Art is a feature-length documentary that discusses Oklahoma City’s art scene. The film explores the impact of the arts, showcases examples of art in the city, and shares insight from artists in a story to inspire and invite more art.

Watching Inviting Art

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About Inviting Art

Inviting Art is the focal piece on a series stories highlighting art in OKC, which have included videos on Oklahoma Contemporary, IAO Gallery, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Current Studio, The Underground, and Make It Rain Poems. With the support of Downtown OKC Inc in connection with Inviting Art, several Artist Statement Minutes were released about art in the downtown area, which included Rhiana Deck and Chad Earles’ Earth to Sky, Amanda Zoey’s Wild Illuminate, Leigh Martin’s Contained Aesthetics, J. NiCole Hatfield and Steven Grounds’ Strength of the Woman, Kelsey Karper and romy owens’ Golden Hour, Don Narcomey’s Roots, and Jason Pawley’s Cultivation.

Inviting Art contains over 30 interviews and so I want to thank everyone involved in the documentary: Addison Ball, Lori Brooks, Evan Crowley, Bryon Chambers, Mayor Mick Cornett, Riley Cole, Jeremiah Matthew Davis, Jill DeLozier, Marc Dunham, Jack Fowler, Jonathan Fowler, Dusty Gilpin, Steven Grounds, J. Nicole Hatfield, Alexa Healey, Maurice Johnson, Kelsey Karper, Robbie Kienzle, Julia Kirt, Erin Oldfield, Leigh Martin, romy owens, Jason Pawley, Lindsey Pendleton, Laurence Reese, Staci Sanger, Jennifer Scanlan, Lissa Barr Shaw, Rick Sinnett, Laura Warriner, Amanda Zoey Weathers, and Becky Weintz.

Movie Updates:
To debut the film, there was a free, public premiere screening at Oklahoma Contemporary (3000 General Pershing Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73107), which they were kind enough to sponsor the venue. This screening took place on Thursday, August 24th at 7 pm.

The Extended Cut of Inviting Art was released online Friday, August 25, 2017.

To celebrate the film, there was a Midnight Toast on Friday, August 25th at Ludivine (805 N Hudson Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102). Here’s the Facebook event page for more details.

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