Norman Breweries

This collection contains past episodes about Oklahoma City Breweries. Keep in mind that this is not a complete and comprehensive list of all of the city’s breweries.


1716 Topeka Street, Norman

Specializing in non-traditional brewing methods and ingredients, Norman natives Trae Carson and Jonathan Stapleton opened a brewery that allows them to be creative in their beer making adventures. 405 Brewing Co.’s “Liquid Art” is built by hand and in this interview with the owners discuss how they started, what types of beers they offer, and invites everyone to come try one of their unique beers.


3901 North Flood Avenue, Norman

The Black Mesa Brewing Company in Norman focuses on brewing traditional beers with an advanced water filtration that allows them to mimic any kind of water style from around the world. Chris Sanders and Brandon Davis talk about what guests can expect when visiting their taproom to try their beer selection.

You can visit their taproom at 3901 North Flood Avenue in Norman. For more information, visit their website at


422 East Main Street, Norman

Lazy Circles Brewing is a taproom in Norman that embodies the heart of the community by not only making traditional style beers, but also hosting events such as Beer Yoga and Lazy Runners Brew Crew. In this interview, Stephen Basey and Stephen Swanson talk about the brewery they opened along with Holly Swanson in November 2017.