Bluewater Divers

LOCATION: 718 North Broadway, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Learn to dive to see if it’s really better down where it’s wetter with Bluewater Divers. Bluewater Divers teaches a Discover Scuba Diving class where one of their certified trainers will brief you on what to expect below the water’s surface. You’ll learn how to handle all your gear and take a dive in the comfortable indoor pool at the Oklahoma City Community College. If you loved the sample Discover Scuba class, you can take full lessons to become scuba certified and dive anywhere in the world.

Pictures from Bluewater Divers

From the Date Guide Book:

For most people that have never been Scuba Diving before, just the thought of breathing underwater is intoxicating. Becoming an explorer of the underwater world is easy to learn because Bluewater Divers makes learning fun. In addition to a having highly accredited and award winning Training Team, they focus highly on social networking with other divers.

“Some people already know they’re going to like scuba diving and they just want to sign up for the scuba diving lesson,” said Director of Happiness, Allen Aboujeib. “Other people are curious and they just want to try it first so we offer the Discover Scuba Diving experience for people that just want to try it first where basically you just show up and we work with you.”

Bluewater Divers teaches diving in their shop’s classroom and in Oklahoma City Community College’s indoor pool with its deepest depth of 18′ 6”. Experience the Discover Scuba Diving program for $25 and if you like it, they will apply your $25 registration fee to the cost of the Open Water Certification class.