Oklahoma City Breweries

This collection contains past episodes about Oklahoma City Breweries. Keep in mind that this is not a complete and comprehensive list of all of the city’s breweries.

520 North Meridian Avenue, Oklahoma City

Providing a workspace for aspiring commercial brewers, Brewers Union helps to turn Oklahoma brewers into breweries by helping them scale up. While for the consumer, it’s one taproom to come and taste multiple breweries under one roof. In this interview, Brad Stumph, John Elkins of Elk Valley Brewing, and Ross Harper of Angry Scotsman discuss how the union has helped them grow and what visitors can expect.

Note: Since this video has been published, both Elk Valley and Angry Scotsman have graduated to their own venues.

1012 NW 1st Street #101, Oklahoma City

Started by Joel Irby with the goal of bringing bold, progressive, neo-American beer styles to Oklahoma, the Stonecloud Brewing Company has been a brewery for nearly a decade in the making. Joel shares his philosophy on crafting beer, the revival of the Sunshine Laundry building, and their story.

118 NW 8th Street, Oklahoma City

The Vanessa House Beer Company began when five friends were looking for a way to continue to hang out after college. What started as a simple homebrewing session has grown into a full-time business in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley district.

For this video, I was able to interview all five co-owners, Zac Smith, Andrew Carrales, Evan Smith, Justin Wright, and Nick White, as well as their first hire, Cody Anderson.