Free Live Music Venues

Midtown Deli

Where: 1215 N Walker Ave in Oklahoma City at 73103
When: Tuesdays from 8 p.m. to Midnight

Proudly in Oklahoma City’s midtown district, Midtown Deli hosts their open night mic every Tuesday for all kinds of musicians. While enjoying the free music, Midtown Deli offers a wide selection of beers, pizzas, sides, and of course, sandwiches to their guests.

Watch the video to see the owners, Dan and Bridget Lindsey, explain Midtown Deli’s offerings followed by interviews and clips of Josh Cox, Justin Witte, and cOnspiracy of Angels.

BONUS VIDEO: Watch Josh Cox perform “Day Dreaming” uncut!

Second Wind

Joe Coffee? Sean

WHERE: 564 Buchanan in Norman
On Friday nights, Second Wind in Norman is home to great live music. Second Wind is staffed by university student volunteers. Their goal is to promote local artists, charities, and community. The place is open daily from 10 am to 11 pm for cheap coffee, free wi-fi, and relaxing place to hang out.

Watch the video to see volunteer Josh explain Second Wind followed by interviews and clips of Sean Barker, Joe Hopkins, and John Calvin and the Tin Canyon Band.

BONUS VIDEO: Watch Joe Hopkins play “Reaching” live at Second Wind!
BONUS VIDEO: Watch Sean Barker play “Build It Up” live at Second Wind!