Uncovering Oklahoma Summer Fun Vol. 1

There’s no summer like an Oklahoma Summer. The Uncovering Oklahoma Summer Fun Volume 1 features 20 amazing places worth visiting in Oklahoma, perfect for a summer escape. From thrilling outdoor adventures to food truck festivals to peaceful nature hikes, this collection highlights the joys of summer time in Oklahoma.

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Produced by
Dennis Spielman

(in order of appearance)

Blair Humphreys
Hugh Meade
Mayor Mick Cornett
Suzy Anderson
Angela Andrews
Jill Castilla
Stephen Viljoen
Pam Lafollette
Farah Walker
Raena Mutz
Steve and Rosalind Burrough
Jonathan Cox
James Gibbons
Jordan Davis
Samm Miller
Evan Comer
Adrian and Jennii Buendia
Douglas Sorocco
Chelsey Cope
Graham Colton
Chad Hodges
Deana McCloud
Jeff Provine
Melissa Morgan
Megan Willaims
Will Martin
Maggie McClure
Shane Henry
John Oseland
Steve Schlegel
Rachael Taylor
Mike Bausch