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Stories and interviews about Oklahoma City’s largest film festival, deadCenter.

Faces of the 47th

In this deadCenter World Premiere documentary, Faces of the 47th: The Art of Activism follows Sarah Agee as she creates a statewide art installation of 47 public school children portraits to encourage citizens and politicians to vote pro-education. Director Cacky Poarch talks about the film in this deadCenter Q&A session.

Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune at deadCenter

George Arrow bequeaths his estranged son Henry a mansion filled with insane women in Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune, showing at the deadCenter Film Festival. In this deadCenter Q&A session, several team members talk about the film.

deadcenter 18 Movie Pitches

deadCenter 18 Movie Pitches

Here’s the recap video of all the movie pitches with various filmmakers showing movies at the 2018 deadCenter Film Festival that I have been posting on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In the Movie Pitch series,...

The Jurassic Games logo

The Jurassic Games at deadCenter

Every year, 10 of the world’s most lethal death row criminals compete for their freedom in The Jurassic Games, a TV show where contestants must survive against ferocious dinosaurs and each other. The last survivor...

Rock Paper Scissors - Official Poster

Rock Paper Scissors at deadCenter

A boy and girl must exchange numbers at an intersection before the light turns green in the short film, Rock Paper Scissors. In this deadCenter Q&A session we hear from Brian Lawes, Aaron Newberry, Amanda...

The Office Case Poster

The Office Case at deadCenter

Sweeping numerous awards at OKC’s 48 Hour Film Festival, we hear from the filmmaker, Brian Gililland, as he makes the case for why you should see The Office Case in this deadCenter Q&A session. 1....

Still from Domesti City

Domesti City, OK at deadCenter

A trained and domesticated woman, whose only connections to the outside world is her record collection and the windows of her house, longs to discover aquatic freedom in the short film, Domesti City, OK. In...

You People Promo Photo 1

You People at deadCenter

An intelligent, white-washed black youth adopted by a Caucasian family has a crisis of ethnic identity while growing up in white suburbia with his urban culture obsessed, white best friend in the film, You People....

Glitter Ball 2018 Recap

Glitter Ball 2018 Recap

In this Glitter Ball 2018 Recap video, Katie Parker interviews notable guests such as Lance McDaniel, Jabee, Cacky Poarch, and Melissa Scaramucci. Glitter Ball, the winter dance party and art extravaganza presented by Dunlap Codding...

Mickey Reece's Alien promo photo

Mickey Reece’s Alien at deadCenter

“Mickey Reece’s Alien” will be showcased on Friday, June 9 at 8:30 p.m. and Saturday, June 10 at 6:00 p.m. at the 17th annual deadCenter Film Festival. The film will screen at the Harkins Theatre...

30secs with deadCenter Filmmakers 2016

Here’s the recap video of all the 30 Seconds (or less) with various filmmakers showing movies at the 2016 deadCenter Film Festival that I have been posting on Twitter and Facebook. In my 30 Seconds...