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Tales Unveiled: 4×01 Dead Woman’s Crossing

Sam and Geoff travel to Weatherford to meet Nathan Gunter at the Heartland of America Museum on Route 66. After touring the historical museum, Nathan takes Sam and Geoff to the location known as Dead Woman’s Crossing. 

Not Cho Cheesecake

After visiting a cheesecake bakery out of state, Shoshianna Moore was inspired to start one in Bethany. Not Cho Cheesecake is a place along Route 66 where you come in with a sweet tooth and leave as family.

Vacca Territory

Vacca Territory

In Yukon, Vacca Territory crafts handmade small batch Italian semifreddo (ice cream), specialty coffees, cinnamon rolls, breakfast sandwiches, scones, muffins, cookies, and more. In this interview, Mike Gray talks about the creamery and coffeehouse located...

The Miller Grill

For comfort food on a gigantic scale, Jason McCormack at The Miller Grill serves up massive chicken-fried steaks, Indian tacos as big as your head, pancakes a foot wide, and a burger named The Heart-Attack...

Stroud Spaceport - photo by Dennis Spielman

Stroud Spaceport

On my way home after doing an interview in Tulsa, I took Route 66 part way home and found the Stroud Spaceport. Created by Vernon (Craig) M. McGuire, the Flying Saucer of Stroud began back...