Tulsa Botanic Garden

Tulsa Botanic Garden's bulbs - photo by Dennis Spielman

One of Tulsa’s best hidden gems, the Tulsa Botanic Garden, may still be growing and under construction, there are plenty of picturesque scenes to behold.

Tulsa Botanic Garden - photo by Dennis Spielman
The Tandy Floral Terraces is garden’s signature floral display with seasonal color, year-round interest, and ideas to beautify your home garden. Borrowing inspiration from classic French, Italian, and Persian gardens, they’ve combined dramatic terraces, cascading water features, and decorative elements from Art Deco architectural motifs to make a garden fitting for the City of Tulsa.

Tulsa Botanic Garden's bulbs - photo by Dennis Spielman
New in 2016 are over 100,000 spring bulbs, one of the largest bulb displays in the region.

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Go explore the Cross Timbers Trail for a striking mosaic where the eastern hardwood forests meet the western prairies. Along the trail you’ll have the opportunity to see both prairie and forest, and the interesting birds and wildlife the make this place their home. The one mile looping trail is easy to follow but remains rustic so beware of rocks and uneven fitting along the trail.

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