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The 2019 Black Foodie Summit Recap

In this recap of the 2nd Annual Black Foodie Summit by OKC Black Eats, I visited with each of the vendors to uncover what they offer. Learn about some black-owned restaurants and food caters in the Oklahoma City area.

OKC Foodcast

Continuing the exploration of local podcasts this summer, in this Creator Conversation Ashely and Nabeel talk about their food-based podcast, OKC Foodcast.

Prelude Coffee Roasters

Prelude Coffee Roasters believes coffee is a starting point. Owners Pryce Fischer and Sam Wilson share how they desire for the coffee to be a tool used for creating experiences, evoking memories, and inspiring your new beginning.

Dead People’s Stuff

Get lost through the reclaimed and restored finds at Dead People’s Stuff “Architectural Antiques + Design” in Oklahoma City. Curran and Marymar Fudge give Uncovering Oklahoma a tour of their antique store.

We Women

Continuing the exploration of local podcasts this summer, in this Creator Conversation Ruby and Stevie talk about their podcast, We Women. In your own words, what is the We Women about? We Women is a...

Lee Fithian on Yes! Science!

Pallas the Librarian interviews architect, Lee Fithian. Lee and Pallas also make soap powered boats and discuss the book, “The New Mathematics of Architecture” by Jane Burry and Mark Burry.

Press & Plow

Growing from a passion for tea, coffee, meats, and other unique groceries, Press & Plow in Norman brings all those together. Anthony Compagni shares his story about what visitors can expect to find at Press & Plow.

Legends of the Lost Causes

In this Creator Conversation, Legends of the Lost Causes is the thrilling start to an action-packed middle-grade series by debut authors Brad McLelland and Louis Sylvester. In this Q&A session, Oklahoma author Brad McLelland discusses what readers can expect from the series, what it’s like working in a co-author in another state, inspirational places in Oklahoma, and more.